Azul in the film El Mariachi

Azul is a former member of Moco's gang. He was betrayed some time before and left to rot in jail, until Moco sends guys to kill him, in which case, he escapes and goes for revenge on Moco. Azul is very big and intimidating, and likes his beer in a bottle. He carries around a guitar case that is identical to El Mariachi's, and wears the same colored clothes as El Mariachi. But his guitar case is full of guns. Azul has a small gang of his own, including 3 girls who are in his bed at all times, always armed with Mac 10's. Azul later takes Domino, a girl Moco likes, and goes to Moco's house. Moco then shoots and kills Domino, and tells Azul that he's too soft. Moco shoots and kills Azul. Azul leaves behind his guitar case full of weapons, which El Mariachi takes and uses from then on. 

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